Learn local culture and traditions of the Miriuwung people in this enlightening one or two-day program for anyone visiting or doing business in North East Kimberley country.

Anyone travelling through the North East Kimberley on Government, private or company related business, including regular visitors to the area, would benefit from an introduction to Miriuwung culture.


This one or two-day program introduces the local culture, history and social norms of Miriuwung people. You will learn to recognise and understand cultural differences and gain invaluable insights into Aboriginal culture from in-depth discussions with Miriuwung man Ted Hall.


Luridgii Cross Cultural Awareness programs can be held at 2nd Gorge (Ood-ulum-bood-ulu) on Mandangala land, in town or at the venue of your choice. Please be aware that the program is always held on Miriuwung country, due to cultural protocols.


Participants learn how to cultivate skills for working in culturally diverse situations through an in depth insight and revealing discussion of Aboriginal culture from the Miriuwung perspective.  

As an additional benefit, a Cross Cultural Awareness Session can be tailored to target topics of specific relevance to an organisation or common interest group.


Come on an adventure in a heartland of Aboriginal culture in Australia. Learn to recognise cultural differences and act in accordance. Take from this land and its people a newfound wisdom, respect and awareness of culture.

All are invited. Enquiries welcome.




Luridgii Tours  

W: luridgiitours.com.au

P: +61 438 080 291

E:  tours@luridgiitours.com.au

Tour Operation Times

Luridgii Cross Cultural Awareness programs operate 7 days a week throughout the year.

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One-Day Program $837.50 per person (Group of 10)

Two-Day Program $1543 per person (Group of 10)

Tailored half-day programs or two hour sessions $500 per hour per group



10 things participants can expect to discover:


1.     There is much to be gained from learning about the Traditional Owners, local Aboriginal culture and history.

2.     A safe learning environment enables a healthy discussion of cultural differences and ensures the dignity of all participants.

3.     Acceptance of different beliefs and cultures.

4.     Commitment to listening to others.

5.     How to speak without fear or favour.

6.     Respect for all participants, facilitators and guests.

7.     Cultural awareness improves teamwork in the workplace.

8.     It can help us understand and localise cultural change.

9.     Cultural awareness helps us recognise the culture and values in local Aboriginal societies and the wider Australian community.

10.  All discussions are confidential unless otherwise agreed to.





Ø  Language and communication - in depth, open and honest

Ø  Government policies and their effects

Ø  How Aboriginal people perceive you as a representative

Ø  How Aboriginal people perceive themselves

Ø  How Aboriginal people perceive the rest of the community

Ø  History and the 1967 referendum

Ø  Mandangala history

Ø  Miriuwung and Gidja dreaming stories

Ø  Miriuwung skin systems

Ø  Working with cross cultural communities

Ø  Community leadership

Ø  The decision making processes